Kick In The Door

kick the doorWas told in shootouts to stay low and keep firing

In other words, be savvy and prepared. So if you’re wondering what the heck I’m going to talk about and why you should read this blog (and tell all of your friends), this is the part where I tell you. Listen up! I don’t believe in the black church doctrine of “favor ain’t fair” or any other common sayings like “god is good…all da tahm.” I’m not here to perpetuate an already alienating stereotype of Christianity in any form or fashion. I’m also not interested in needlessly criticizing what the church is lacking. I have a few different ideas in mind…

1. The Conversation

I want to start a conversation. Not a surface level conversation that we’ve all been privy to…it goes like this…

Django: Man, I’m not going to church. It’s absolutely pointless for me to sit there for 3 hours for someone to tell me how to find God. I can find God in my living room.

Preeantay: But we’re a community. Don’t you want to fellowship with like-minded people and grow spiritually?

Django: Haha yeah right. Pastor is talking out both sides of his mouth. Against gay marriage when half the congregation is gay. Sleeping around but preaching “wait until marriage”. I’m above the bullsh*t.

You see where this conversation is going, right? I’m not going to introduce anything that would even spark such a conversation. Instead, I am much more interested in creating a space for in-depth theological, spiritual, and metacognitive thought. I’m so ambitious!! I want to build a bridge between the two sides of the conversation. In order to do that, we must think beyond what we believe to be “true” and “right” (that’s all relative anyway). I totally intend to push OUR limits.

2. Black =\= Christian

This isn’t new, but apparently people are still shocked that every black person doesn’t attend church or may have never set foot in a church. There are people out there who have never read Psalm 23! *gasp*. Quite a few had no idea what the hell Ray Lewis was talking about with this “no weapon” mess. That is great! Fantastic even! We are not a monolith; we are more like a collective of thoughts and ideas that help define our blackness. Constantly telling people to “call on Jesus, he’s on the main line” will not help his or her situation. Prayer, specifically in the Judeo-Christian sense, is not what every black person turns to when faced with problems. Varying perspective is part of this blog. My experience and belief system are different from others and I find no dissonance with that. I invite conversation around this, that will be helpful and critical at the same time. Thinkers wanted. If you’re not a thinker, which would mean Descartes was wrong, then you can just keep with the surface level…over there —–>

3. Laugh at my…pain?

No pain, I just couldn’t think of another word. Laughter unites. Tell a good joke to lighten the mood in the middle of a deep conversation. Comedy is a big part of our experience. If there was no funny, we would’ve killed each other a long time ago. If you can’t tell I like sarcasm, puns, and wit. If you take your spirituality and religion so seriously that a joke offends you well I’m sorry, don’t read my blog. But if you like to laugh…at anything…then by all means share in the laughing.

4. Isms and Religion

Oh yes, I am going to go there! Want evidence of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, and any other ism I have left out? Set foot in any religious space. I will touch this most uncomfortable subject because well if we continuously run from this giant a– elephant in the room…then she will just sit there…getting fat and eating all the fried chicken. I want the fried chicken! So I will touch this difficult conversation which may result in some outrage and squirming. As a sidenote, I know it is difficult to have such a conversation in person much less over the internet, but if you bully and/or personally attack others, you will be blocked because the conversation has stopped being productive. We are capable of this I believe so I don’t expect to use that last resort very often.

That sums up my evil plan. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya


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