Let Me Show You A Few Things…About Love

February, the month where we are reminded of the love we have or the love we lack. The last minute flower shopping at the grocery store, the pharmacy chocolates, and the oversized teddy bears just get people all in a frenzy. But none of that really conveys love. It definitely conveys our hope to be loved. Unfortunately for some it ends up a dream deferred. Over the years, I’ve tried to find someone who can explain love so pure and flawless that it actually makes sense. A couple months ago, Twitter answered my prayer.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, led by Dr. Timothy L. Keller, is apparently the most vibrant congregation in Manhattan (wikipedia told me, but I believe it). Multicultural congregation with the mission to “renew the city socially, spiritually, and culturally.” In a sermon Dr. Keller preached entitled “The Struggle For Love”, he breaks down the elusive love we seek and the best way for us to attain it. Even if you are not Christian, you will enjoy this because it contains basic truths.  So if you’re wondering about love, wondering why you haven’t found your life partner then this should help. Trust me! I would not lie!

*As a rule, I will only post sermons that are theologically sound and without absolutes*

Click the link below for the sermon (about 40 minutes long)


Love on somebody or yourself this weekend 🙂


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