Make the Music…

Music is so important. We all have our specially labeled playlists for every occasion we could possibly encounter in life. Breakup playlists. Love playlists. Cleaning playlists. I’m Angry playlists. Depending on our mood, we might need to hear certain music. For me, there are some songs that touch my inner being and leave me at peace. There also are some songs that touch me and leave me a little restless. Nonetheless, they get me every time.

11. Mumford & Sons–Whispers in the Dark

I just discovered this folk group while watching HBO and they make great music. I agree with Louis Armstrong…all music is folk music. I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song! I mean who else are artists writing this music for except folk. Sit and listen to the lyrics…it’ll get ya.

10. The Fray–How to Save a Life

I heard this song on Grey’s Anatomy so many years ago and I could not get the melody out of my head. I think it was that episode Meredith tried to drown herself :-/ so dramatic. I am a big fan of The Fray, but I’m kind of stuck on the first album #shruglife

9. Lupe Fiasco–Hurt Me Soul

This song would be higher on the list if he hadn’t lost his mind. He’s somewhere walking barefoot and not showering I’m sure. But before all of this, he had two great albums. His flow on this song is brilliant and he so wonderfully discussed the things that disconnect us from ourselves.

8. The Fray–You Found Me

If people are talking about God, especially in a distrustful way, it is generally after discovering someone close to you has died. Suddenly. There is no reason given. In an interview The Fray discussed that a series of events led to this song basically believing that God had pretty much left. Who doesn’t know anything about that life??

7. Prince–Adore

“If God were to strike me blind, your beauty I’d still see…” If you truly love someone than this song should be on your “making love” playlist. My fondest memory with this song is when someone sung this to me…A Capella. He couldn’t sing AT ALL but his emotion almost made me consider…..Prince won’t steer you wrong.

6. Kanye West–Roses

Another crazy rapper whose music is getting equally as crappy. There was a time though when we were excited to hear a Yeezy album. Late Registration is genius and “Roses” paints a pretty good picture of what it feels like to watch a loved one die. Helplessness. This song is slept on.

5. Jay-Z–Lucifer

Most people who criticize this song have never listened to the song. The illuminati-devil-worship meme is played, B. Running from the evil in the world, trying to keep doing good, but it is so tempting to cross the line into evil. Listen, you’ll hear it.

4. Stephanie Mills–Home

Get up out of your seat for this song!! The Wiz >> The Wizard of Oz. We can debate this all day, but you will lose. The Stephanie Mills version of this song far surpasses Diana Ross. I cry every time I hear this song. Not heavy tears, but I get teary eyed. If you do not pause when this song comes on, we will probably not be friends because I imagine you kick puppies.

3. The Middle East–Blood

“Crazy, Stupid Love ” introduced me to this group and this song brightens my mood even though the subject matter is depressing. The movie actually does the same thing. Kinda like Amy Winehouse…

2. Fela Kuti–Igbe

If Fela doesn’t make you do a little two step…your leg must be broken. Most people have heard Fela and had no idea they were listening to him. His songs are long with a continuous melody but they are never monotonous. Imagine a jam session with the most talented musicians…that is Fela! Fela!

1. Bob Marley–Redemption Song

Nesta Robert Marley! Ladies and Gentleman, this man was a prophet. Pure in all of his music. No artist has touched my soul more than Nesta Robert Marley. I can’t explain the depth of my love and appreciation for this man. He died before I was born, but his music is eternal.

Honorable Mention:

Feist–Sea Lion Woman, Erykah Badu–Orange Moon, Miles Davis–My Funny Valentine, Duke Ellington–In A Sentimental Mood

Click the link if you would like to hear the songs. So what’s on your list? What are some songs that touch your soul or touch something?

Make it great!


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