*sorry for the small break in my writing but it’s like that sometimes. Tomorrow I will continue with God, My Savior. For today, enjoy this*

I am naked. I am standing before you as I am and I am scared. I don’t know how I got here. I am exposed for all to see and it worries me. Can I trust this man? Before this we didn’t know each other. We were passers by focusing mainly on our needs and wants. There were no issues in that department. Everything I did was almost instinctual…habitual. I was my biggest concern and everything I needed was at my fingertips. I had no social or emotional thoughts. Now I am thinking about what I look like…naked. How is my nakedness being interpreted by others? Am I safe? Will I be safe? It feels like a rush of feeling and being; it is in fact a great feeling and at the same time terrifying. There is more responsibility. He…I didn’t recognize him as different from me until now…as a HE. Now I have new instincts that require me to account for my actions and their repercussions. Wait, could I do anything harmful to others? I don’t want to be naked anymore…what if I make a mistake? It isn’t my intention to hurt this man or others, but my fear of vulnerability (nakedness) will always seek self-preservation. I am wired to protect my well-being sometimes at that expense of others. I just realized that…in this existential moment.

The hard part, I’m beginning to see, is letting that need for self-preservation…go. It is really in our vulnerability around each other that we are made stronger. He seems to be more nervous than me…sacrificing me to preserve his “good” nature. But if we understand that our vulnerability is not our weakness and it is in fact our power, then we can build communities and nations. I don’t know if he’s going to have the same revelation. Should I adjust myself to fit his understanding? I now have the power to make that choice…

I don’t believe there is any difference between the predicament Adam and Eve faced in the creation story and the predicament we continually face today. We are always given the opportunity to honor each other across genders and yet somehow we make the choice of self-preservation. We believe that man who says we’re a hoe for carrying condoms. We believe that woman who says we’re not man enough because we chose not to fight the drunken idiot…or broke down in tears. We believe society when it tells us that our differences are so great that we must compromise who we are not understanding that biology says males and females are more than 99% genetically coded exactly the same. The other 1% is the gray area that we think controls all of it. We are 99% the same, but all we see is the 1%. We’re both naked, however, and therefore in the same boat. If we recognize that our vulnerabilities are in fact our strength, we can conquer evils, build dreams, create strong communities…we are more powerful when we embrace that which scares us the most. Our differences and similarities make us great and it is not necessary for us to fit into a box and mold to suit the other just so he or she isn’t uncomfortable. Our interconnectedness is only as strong as we accept our own weaknesses. You have the power to make that choice…


One thought on “Naked

  1. “we are more powerful when we embrace that which scares us the most.” this is so true and yet so many of us live in fear, of some kind or another; it’s funny, when someone is deemed “fearless” they are also deemed “dangerous” as if living without fear makes you a target for tragedy; i guess it all depends on what you choose not to fear

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