Rap + Poetry = Spoken Word

I actually agree with Issa Rae from Awkward Black Girl and I wish I could’ve aborted the baby spoken word. Most spoken word is about terrible sexual analogies or hurt feelings. I can’t remember liking any spoken word open mic event. Then I discovered Brave New Voices and I slightly changed my mind about spoken word. Apparently there are good poets with great content. Spoken word is another medium for people to connect to a deeper part of being. When used properly it can speak to your soul. I have a few poems that made me tear up or stand up and cheer or motivated to make a difference. Is that not what a truly “religious” experience should do?

Josh Bennett is from Philly and attends some Ivy League school (I forget which one). He is uber talented and the poetry he used to speak about black women made me want to jot them down and slip a note to my future husband to put in his wedding vows. I may still do that, but I digress. Positive words about black women are always welcomed.

As a teacher, bullying is something I am passionate about. Kids are learning from adults how to be cruel, racist, sexist, and homophobic. It saddens me that so many children silently suffer and all the adults they are supposed to trust offer little to no help. This hurt my soul. Our society has got to stop blaming the marginalized for being oppressed; it is a ridiculous accusation to say the least.

I don’t ever wanna be That Girl! Her passion and voice to demand the love and respect she deserves is powerful. I see so few young girls demanding that respect and maybe they don’t know any better. Well, I think it’s time they learn. You’re not a doormat for someone to lay their insecurities.

As a person who has suffered the injustices of people saying and spelling my name wrong since my birth, I was snapping and clapping my fingers, toes, hands when I heard this. My name and her name have the same meaning ^_^. It is frustrating that people do not take the time to say my name correctly or ask how to spell it. It’s as if my name is not meant to be relevant. When I hear someone’s name I make sure I say and spell it correctly. That is how we are recognized…by our name. Say it right.

Are you a fan of spoken word? What are some poems that have touched your heart? Share some poetry!

All I need is one mic…

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Rap + Poetry = Spoken Word

  1. well u know my background is in poetry and for my book, i went to numerous spoken word spots for research; i have to say that most of the artists ive been exposed to have been great, because they dont speak about the traditional things that everyone is expecting to hear; i’ve made friends with some awesome folks right in the DC area that have turned spoken word into their full time job, a feat that wasnt possible a few years ago; here are some of my favorite artists and their performances:

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