Fruitvale, the Movie About Oscar Grant is Powerful, Haunting and Moving

If you know nothing about the story of Oscar Grant, I recommend you Google him and then watch the preview. This story breaks my heart and I’m not sure if I will make it through the movie. It disappoints me when religious leaders speak about Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant as potentially not leading a “godly” lifestyle but did not deserve to die. Prefacing that statement nullifies any other dignity you could give these men who were wrongfully executed. Regardless of their religious status, they were someone’s child, father, fiance, friend…they were human beings eligible for the same rights as every other human beings. Weekly attendance at church is not a requirement for social justice nor does it make a person more deserving. But I’m sleep though…enjoy the preview and support the movie!

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Oscar Grant FruitvaleJust saw the movie ‘Fruitvale‘ which is about Oscar Grant. It focuses on the last 24 hours of his life.. I gotta say it was a very powerful movie..I was moved to tears… Thank you film maker/ director  Ryan Coogler. Thank you Forest Whitaker. Thank you Octavia Spencer and to all the other actors and actresses etc who brought this important story to life..

This is a haunting & moving film that needed to be done..It brings out Oscar Grant’s humanity and in doing so it reminds us of the humanity for many of the others who have died needlessly at the hands of the police.. I found myself thinking about Sean Bell, Ramarley Graham, Rekia Boyd, Amadu Diallo and countless others..

For 18 long months people in the Bay Area organized, protested & gave a lot of themselves to bring about some…

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