New New Format!

If you read my previous post, you understand that I have been gone for quite some time (about 2 months). I was burning the candle at three ends and I had to let go of something. I realize that seriously affects the momentum I had, but hard work can build it back. I believe in the power! Here are a few upcoming changes:

1. I will only post three times a week. Yeah, I would like to write more often but even when I first started, I noticed I only really had about three posts “in me” and I was forcing the rest. So I will post Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This counts 🙂

2. The design. This design was temporary and is working pretty well I might add. However, the original plan involved something more simplistic and I will be going back to that original plan.

3. Expect to see different formats. Whatever do I mean?? Well, I don’t want every blog post to be written. I wrote in my “dream plan” that I would use different ways of communicating to engage readers and so I will. Keep looking for that!

That is all for today. Happy Monday!


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