No More DOMA & Rev. David Weekley

Rev. David Weekley InterviewLast week, the Supreme Court ruled on some extremely important issues and the only ruling I thought made logical sense was the end of a key provision in DOMA: married same sex couples can now receive benefits. I provided the link in case you have been living under a rock. Their families are protected and that is really one less thing to worry about when your married with kids. Wondering about the future of your spouse and children has got to keep you up at night. Now everything is good. The court also maintained the ruling of California’s high court on Proposition 8 so same sex marriages can resume. *throws confetti and rainbows*

The other rulings of the court, well, pretty disappointing and leads us wondering where race in America could be headed. But we’re not going to talk about that today…only happy thoughts! In light of the DOMA ruling, people were wondering how this would affect transgendered persons; a group of people that aren’t often recognized or spoken of when addressing LGBT issues even though they are the “T” that holds it together. Huffington Post chose to shine light on a transgendered ordained minister in the United Methodist Church (there are two apparently so shout out UMC) and out. Rev. David Weekley has been ordained since the early 80’s and practicing ministry.

Listening to the interview, I was shocked because I had no idea there was an ordained transgendered minister anywhere. He was excited about DOMA and answered questions about the state of the church in relation to LGBT persons. It was very powerful. He got a lot of push back but he is a trailblazer for those that follow behind. He founded Sherman’s Wilderness to help persons dealing with struggling with spirituality and acceptance. The church has a way to go but the movement is clear. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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