Hov Said It Best vs. Magna Carta Holy Grail

I got lucky this week because two awesome albums were released. I will let you know I am a Jay-Z stan (Biggie stan too) but I am not going to give a biased review :).

Hov Said it Best–Mela Machinko

Ms. Machinko was inspired to do this album by her favorite rapper…Hovie Hov. The creative part is that she used lyrics from Hov songs to create the album. If you know Jay-Z music, then you will hear the references. If you don’t know Jay-Z’s music, you will still enjoy the album. She weaves her story through the lyrics of Jay-Z and it is quite amazing. “And Then It All Goes Away” is my favorite song on the album with her clear reference to “Hard Knock Life.”  “Allow Me” takes one of Hov’s most infamous songs from the Black Album to introduce herself. Her voice is so melodic and definitely takes neo-soul music to another level.

Magna Carta Holy Grail–Jay-Z

The genius of Hov to maintain his role in this hip hop game is astounding. This boy is smart. As per usual, people compare this album to his other albums. I honestly don’t see any comparison between MGHC and the rest of his discography. He has definitely made an album unlike previous albums. It sounds like grown up hip hop which is fitting since he is over 40. In “Picasso Baby”, he name drops fine artists like the rest of us rattle off grocery lists. “FUTW” is the Jay that has no problem letting you know he is better than the average man. He’s not lucky, he’s calculating.  “Heaven” raises the question about what exactly is heaven…”question religion, question it all…question existence until that problem solved.” Jay-Z let us know more about him and his greatness. “You already seen me turn a man into a G.O.A.T.” So I will leave you with my favorite line

Conspiracy theorists screaming illuminati…They can’t believe this much skill is in the human body. He’s 6’2, how the f*** he fit in a new Bugatti? …Aw f*** it you got me

Go get you some! Happy Monday!


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